Github page website doesnot run with the theme

Whenever I host a website using github pages it never hosts with the theme.It loads just with the content in an unordered format like this someone please tell me how to enable the theme.

did you fix it?

if not you’ll need to provide some more info - ideally links to both your repo and the live site.

From the website URL you shared, I believe your GitHub Repo is Correct?

The URL you shared has “.Can” at the end. Was that a typo?

Currently, your _config.yml file looks like this:

baseurl: ''

However, the website URL you shared looks like this: (assuming you do not want to use getpoole domain).

URL: ""
baseurl: '/myblog'

Also, I am looking at the GitHub and GetPoole links, and they both seem to be running just fine, so I am unsure if there is a problem? Maybe you can point it out with a screenshot or a better description?

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Thank you for your timely reply.Yes Can was a typo.
The link to my repo is GitHub - Yadnik1/myblog: A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Jekyll..
I have forked the theme repo and want to make changes according to my content. It should be apt right?
Yes I did make the changes you told me to.However after making changes to the _config.yml file,they are not reflected on my website.I also made changes to the theme in the default.html file.They are also not being reflected on the website.
Link to my website is Lanyon · A Jekyll theme
Thank you !!

Check your builds

And per commit. You’re missing green ticks on the latest commits so looks like builds skipped?

Thank you MichaelCurrin.
I was making commits to the main branch abd hosting gh pages. Now I switched my github page to master, however there is no change.
Regarding the building problem, can you suggest what I can do.

Your last commit has a tick so that deployed fine.

Also you needed to be more specific with what you mean by no change. i.e. explain what you expect to see and what you actually see.

So site looks good to me now so I don’t know what you are expecting.


I saw one of your recent commits updated default.html to change the body, so that gave me something to go on.

And if I inspect the page I see that you did successfully alter the body.

Title and description

This change looks fine.

I would also recommend you update your repo link to point to your own link, not the theme one