Jekyll site not rendering as expected on gh-pages

Hi All,

Could anyone please help for the below :

I’m trying to push sample jekyll site to my github repo but site isn’t rendering as expected for minima theme.
Here is my repo link : GitHub - Rutuja-Kelkar/SampleJekyll: Test jekyll dev using docker
Here’s how it is rendered on gh-pages :

Note : The site is rendered as expected on local using docker container.

Moreover a quick call would be helpful, since I’m trying to solve this for about a week now :slight_smile:

Rutuja Kelkar

looks like your baseurl needs to match the case of your repo. Change it in the config file to match how you named the repo.

Not sure why no posts are showing, possibly cause the date is today and considered the future? maybe edit the date to something in the past?

I agree with @rdyar that your _config.yml file needs updating.

I honestly don’t know how much matching case matters (it probably doesn’t), but since you use camel-case for the baseurl, I suggested you use it if even fir consistency:
Your baseurl: /samplejekyll
Suggested: /SampleJekyll

Take a look at your url and you will see a comment to the right that explains how to use it, which is to use https://…. Change that as well:
Your url:

Please note that when you test locally that is different. Your baseurl and url aren’t that important when you serve the site. However it matters a lot when you build the site. GitHub Pages is a built-in action that does the build for you on your behalf when you update your code. If you don’t have the correct baseurl and url at that build moment, your site will not function properly.