Newby question on github-pages

I have looked on-line for the answer to this and cannot find it.

The _site builds and serves properly on localhost. I am obviously missing something. Can you help? Thanks!

- wps-dpetty

it’s building fine, your issue is the CSS.
If you look at the source the HTML is looking for it in /assets/main.css

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/main.css">

But where it’s located is /whs/assets/main.css

It appears you’re using Jekyll’s Minima theme and have your site in a subfolder too. You’ll likely need to make use of baseurl in your _config.yml and set that to baseurl: "/whs" so Jekyll prepends all your links with /whs.

A dead giveaway is your “Welcome to Jekyll” post 404’s too. It’s missing /whs in the path. Setting baseurl will fix all of these problems.

Thanks for the help!

- dcp