Minima theme not rendered as expected on github pages

Hi All,

Could anyone please help me solve the below ??

I’m new to jekyll and have built a jekyll site using minima theme on my local and pushed the same to my github pages. The rendering of site looks good in my local, but fails to render minima theme and link site page when deployed on github pages as shown in below pictures.

Please find details below -

Rendering on local : looks fine - as expected
Sorry ! P.S : I was supposed to add an image from my local site render, but since I’m a new user I’m allowed to post one image per. Having said that local site render similar to minima theme

Rendering on github pages : Not as expected - breaks theme and does not link pages :

Rutuja Kelkar

You probably need to enter the correct baseurl and url in your _config.yml file. Follow the instructions as provided in the yml file. If you need help getting it right ask here.