Minimal Mistakes - correct approach

I am sorry if this doesn’t belong here, but maybe it does.

I have a problem with Minimal Mistakes theme (or Jekyll in general?). I’d like to have a landing page as root of the website and then a separate section (page?) with Blog posts that could be filtered by taxonomy tags.

Right now I was able to create the landing page with some warnings (I deleted index.html and created in _pages), but I am sure this is not the right approach. Are there any sources I can use to help me out?

I am hosting the website on GitHub pages, repository fork is following:

Thanks in advance

still learning myself falnyr but personally I would keep index intact - I have edited my “home.html” in the layouts folder for my landing page heres my git if you want a look… …and then there are some links here in my earlier post which helped me to create sub dir’s and pages.

As for best practice… dunno but guess we’ll all learn together :slight_smile:

best of luck.


There’s a ton of ways to approach this with Jekyll.

For a homepage I’d suggest keeping index.html or in the root of your project/repo. If it’s Markdown content then go with a .md file. If you’re using Jekyll’s pagination for the homepage then it has to be index.html.

For any other page you can place them in folders like /your-page/ and they’ll build to /your-page/. Or if you like to keep things organized dump them all in _pages, give them unique names like /_pages/ and add a permalink field to their YAML Front Matter to define their location e.g. permalink: /your-page/.

It’s really up to you how you want to structure things. For the Minimal Mistakes theme I went with _pages method which you can poke around here if you want to see how it’s built.

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so I need to edit my index to point to home layout as you have Sir in the Yaml, I’ll address that, but I’ve done right thing keeping index and editing home. ty :slight_smile:

You only need to add the permalink stuff to the page’s YAML Front Matter if you’re placing it in an unconventional location. Or if you want to do away with a bunch of inside of other folders e.g. /foo-page/ and simplify with just /

/_pages/ isn’t a standard Jekyll folder so I’m pretty sure anything you put in there needs permalink: /whatever-url/ for them to resolve correctly. It also begins with an _ underscore which Jekyll ignores by default.

yep thats the approach I’ve taken…

however I have left the in the relevant folders for just the front page so I know which is the main page… my structure will be

sport/ etc

so I’m using the so I know which page is the main “links” page. (eventually of course being where the actual blog posts for each restaurant / sport etc will be listed using tags or categories.

Loving Jekyll.