Minimal Mistakes Question

I’m trying to switch from the git version to the gem version of Minimal Mistakes. I’ve having a bit of an issue on my index.html page. I see text from the post under Post Title - and I can’t figure out how to remove that. I only want the link to the post, no reading time or post excerpt. Any ideas?

Post excerpts are shown by default with the theme. If you don’t want them you’ll need to customize a bit by overriding some of the bundled _includes.

To start copy _includes/archive-single.html to your local repo, then make whatever changes you like. This file will override the one bundled in the gem.

If you just want to remove post excerpts, you can simply remove this line.

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That worked perfectly! Thank you! I have one more question. At the bottom of my posts, there is a categories section and the link is broken. How can I fix the link or remove it?

Not sure, but if I had to guess you haven’t created the category page that lists all of your categories. That’s why the link is likely broken.

You can use layout: categories to do this. The theme’s documentation lists all the various taxonomy archives you can use along with links to sample pages you can copy and add to your project.

Thanks, that fixed it. I had a page with a link of category-archives instead of /categories/

Let’s say I have a navigation.yml file that looks like this:

# main links
  - title: "Home"
    url: /
  - title: "About"
    url: /about/

  # - title: "Sitemap"
  #   url: /sitemap/
  - title: "Categories"
    url: /categories/
  - title: "Travel"
    url: /travel/
      - title: "Iceland"
        url: /travel/iceland/
      - title: "California"
        url: /travel/california/
      - title: "Croatia"
        url: /travel/croatia/

How would I get that list to show up on a page, not as a side bar? I’m getting confused between the Jekyll and MM documentation. Thanks!

Looks like I needed to make travel it’s own key and then refer to it in a post like this:

{% include nav_list nav="travel" %}