Remove Categories link from Minimal Mistakes header

I have forked Minimal Mistakes for GitHub Pages.
There are links to Categories and Tags in the header of my the page. I don’t want to use the categories. How can I permanently remove the link from the header? I didn’t find the file where the structure of the header is set. Thank you for your help.

are you using the remote starter or the gem theme? if so then I think it is installing the theme as a gem and the files you need are hidden in there. I don’t use gem based themes so I can’t help a whole lot.

Try researching gem based themes and how to show the files - you would need to copy/make your own version of either the layouts or includes and then you can edit it and it will override the gem stuff. It may matter if you are using the remote vs gem based theme.

You might also try just using the full theme repo and cleaning out all the un-needed stuff.

I am using the remote starter. Someone just told me what I need to know: You can change it in /data/navgation.yml