Jekyll-Github Noob makes progress but…

Hi again
I got the Hacker theme to apply to a trial markdown file! But it looks off on the very top… do I not need the:

- - -

- - -

If the file is a mark down file?
Here is a pic

As I type this - not sure if you can see it…

Ok i removed the set of - - -
But i still have that header showing
How do I fix that?

any file that you want jekyll to process needs the front matter dashes - which need to not have spaces between them, like so:


yours looks like you put a space between each dash which probably won’t work.

links to the live site and a repo are always helpful.

Juts looking at your screen shot I have no idea what it should look like, maybe

I guess what I am asking is how do I remove the header totally so if someone goes to the site they dont see the header area and the button to go to githib at all

In the site files generated by Jekyll the dashes and the content between is removed.

The header is there because the theme developer put it there.

Looking at your repo, I see a folder that contains the layouts from your theme:


In that file, you will see the code for the header:

...HTML code...
      <div class="container">
        <a id="a-title" href="{{ '/' | relative_url }}">
          <h1>{{ site.title | default: site.github.repository_name }}</h1>
        <h2>{{ site.description | default: site.github.project_tagline }}</h2>

        <section id="downloads">
          {% if site.show_downloads %}
            <a href="{{ site.github.zip_url }}" class="btn">Download as .zip</a>
            <a href="{{ site.github.tar_url }}" class="btn">Download as .tar.gz</a>
          {% endif %}
          <a href="{{ site.github.repository_url }}" class="btn btn-github"><span class="icon"></span>View on GitHub</a>
...more HTML code..

I would go ahead and delete that code and see if it provides the result you are looking for.