[SOLVED] Remove links to github and twitter from index.html

Is there a way to configure jekyll so that no links to github or twitter will appear? I am using the swiss theme.

Thank you in advance.

Are you using this theme: https://github.com/broccolini/swiss/ ?
If yes, are talking about the icons on the homepage?
If yes, you might want to take a look at _layouts/home.html, where you will find them. The answer to your question depends on what is the final result you want… do you want to use other links or do you really want get rid of all those links below the title?

To get rid of the dots with github and twitter, in the _layouts/home.html you can delete the lines with them.
In instead of:

<div class="inline-block mt-3">
  {% include github.html %}

Just let:

<div class="inline-block mt-3">

Or link to your own include:

<div class="inline-block mt-3">
  {% include yourOwnInclude.html %}

Overriding _layouts or overriding github.html and twitter.html in _includes, does the trick.

Thank you!

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