Jekyll category and tag links add a "#" to the start of the folder name

Hi all, I’m a complete novice trying to build my first blog in Jekyll. I’m on Windows 10.

I have managed to follow some tutorials and have created a decent site by using a theme (GitHub - zivhub/monophase: A one-column minimal responsive Jekyll blog theme)

However, when creating pages for Categories and Tags, the links are broken. It seems that a # is being added to the beginning of the folder name.

For example the link for my misc category is shown as localhost:4000/#misc instead of localhost:4000/misc

I hope this all makes sense. And thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

can you post a link to your repo and or live site? or at least the code that you have?

Thanks for your response rdyar. Here’s a link to my repository - GitHub - scottcodes/blog

I’m guessing I must have done something wrong along the way as well, as it’s not appearing at all on Github Pages ( But does seem to work somewhat on my localhost.

the link to your site is a blank page - did you change it?

Nope I didn’t change it. I’m reading that it may be because I used Ruby 3.0, and that’s not supported by Github Pages. :frowning:

I may have to start from the beginning again.

Is there a way to downgrade Ruby? I am on Windows 10.

not sure, maybe uninstall and re-install.

But I’m not sure why that would effect GH pages.

Your whole site is a blank white screen for me. GH pages doesn’t support certain plugins, but the actual version of GH pages should not really matter I don’t think.

You don’t get an error when you do a commit?

I think I would try deleting the gemfile.lock.

I did not get an error during commit, and I tried to delete the gemfile.lock as suggested.

I then uninstalled ruby 3.0 and installed ruby 2.7.

All in all, I’ve decided to start from scratch again. I’m a total noob so I still have much more to learn I guess.

Gonna do more research and watch more tutorials. Thank you for your help @rdyar! :slight_smile:

Ruby 3 is not the issue here.

GitHub Pages cares about locking Jekyll version and plugins and themes as mentioned above.

The single difference I had locally when upgrading to Ruby 3 was adding webrick to my Gemlock file.

Webrick is already in the GH pages environment (it actually ignores your lockfile, but it does enable plugins specified in plugins in the config)

Site looks fine to me after whatever you redid

Now that you have working base

If you use remote theme plugin, you can switch from minima to that theme you mentioned before.

Hi @MichaelCurrin. Thanks for your response.

So, it looked fine and now it’s broken. lol. I’m not sure what happened. It still builds fine locally on

I did not make any changes to the theme, it’s still the default one.

I have managed to make it forward on to the site I purchased, so redirects to just fine but the site itself is broken.

My repo is still - GitHub - scottcodes/blog

Thank you in advance for your help. And sorry for the super newbie questions.

now you have a css problem because you no longer need the baseurl as you are using your own domain. So change the baseurl to be empty - like

baseurl: ''

and the css should work.

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Thank you so much @rdyar! That fixed it! :slight_smile: