Permalinks and Categories


I hope everyone doing is great amid corona crises.
I have a question regarding Jekyll build output.

I set up my permalinks in _config.yml as /Articles/:title/ because I want to keep all posts under Articles directory. However, doing so I have also lost privilege of using categories and tags. I add categories and tags in front matter as tags: [tag], but posts do not sort under them.

Is there anyway I can still leverage power of tags and categories while keeping my above permalink structure?

Thank you.

not sure i understand, the category can be in the permalink if you want it, but even if it isn’t you can still use tags and cats, and build a category page that lists all the cats etc.

What do you want to do with the tags and cats?

I’m don’t understand your question, can you explain more detail?

You just can create template-page for category or tag. Then parse all posts base on category or tag.

I want to create pages which display posts from a particular category or tag.

Cats and Tags are not in permalink. I do not want to include them in URLs. I thought I lost tagging feature of Jekyll if I do not see posts sorted under their "tag folders’ in _site folder after the build.

I hope you understand now.

You won’t have tag or category “folders” in your _site directory if you removed them from the permalink structure.

Your posts still have them though you just need to create the tag and category pages which is what the suggestions above where alluding to. You do this either manually or via some sort of plugin like Jekyll-archives.

Just create page (template) for your tag or category. Jekyll doesn’t have tag or category pages by default (like on Wordpress). You should create personal pages for them.