Question : Permalink with categories

Hello community,

I want to use for my blog following rule in _config.yml to see like

permalink: /:categories/:title

If my category in Front Matter is like “Brand Management” then my permalink looks like

What should I configure to get - instead of %20 if in category name is a space (two words)?

Thanks in advance.

yeah, wish you could do 2 word cats like that and have them slugged properly but you can’t. Best I have done is do brand-management in the front matter. Course then you get the hyphen any where else you have the cat name.

I once saw someone that had a solution using a data file but it seemed a little unmanageable to me.

Difficult to believe that Jekyll does it wrong. All other CMS are doing it.
Hopefully, I can find a solution.

Hi! It’s an old issue for which we wrote a small plugin that slugifies categories in permalinks, hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:

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