Jekyll on GifHub Pages

I’ve been trying to make a Jekyll website run on GitHub Pages, but it appears that I missed something.

I’ve tested the site locally, and everything went well, but after pushing the site to GitHub, all the paginations and tags are missing. My understanding is that GitHub Pages by supporting Jekyll would pull out whatever files are inside the _sites folder and create the website. I’ve checked that folder, and all the tags and paginations are inside but they’re not showing on the live site.

I’ve heard that GitHub Pages doesn’t support plugins, but is there a workaround for this given that all the pages have been generated successfully inside the _sites folder.

if you upload a full jekyll repo with the source it will generate its own site folder and you should by default add the _site folder to the git ignore file as it is not needed.

GH pages does not support many plugins, there is a list somewhere - I think the original pagination works but not v2? not sure.

There are a couple ways to work around it I think - GH Actions is probably the best choice. Uploading just the _site folder is another but less ideal way.

I don’t have experience with either but maybe that can get you off on the right path.

Thank you Ron @rdyar! I find it annoying that many awesome plugins are still not supported by GitHub Pages after so many complaints everywhere on the Web!

I did push the entire Jekyll folder to GitHub and everything worked in the _sites folder except for those tags and paginated blogs (built with v2 indeed). Those files are already in there generated locally but GitHub Pages ‘wilfully’ ignored all those files and broke the site.

I think life would be much easier if GitHub simply builds a site using everything from _sites by default when hosting a Jekyll site instead of generating the site again without the ability to support many required plugins.

I will go with pushing just the files in _sites to the repo to keep the site functioning and look into GH Actions.

@lizhaozhi I completely agree it is frustrating. However, just so you are aware, there are instructions that show how to use GitHub Actions to build your site with any version of Jekyll. Here are the instructions:

Also, for your reference, here is the dependency site that @rdyar mentioned:

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