Jekyll Minimal Theme Shows 404 On "category/***" Pages...

Hey There,

I have a problem with “/category/***” pages in mage Blog.

The /category/ and /tag/ pages is working fine. But /category/*** sub-pages show 404 error and basically the blog generates no category page.
How do I fix this problem?

My repository link.

PS: I really checked everything I could think of.

Jekyll doesn’t generate category / tag pages out of the box.
You need to have a plugin implemented for that.

Additionally. GitHub Pages doesn’t allow third-party plugins to be loaded in its environment.

Therefore, if you’d like to continue using GitHub Pages to deploy your site, the only solution is to manually include a file for every category / tag in your site.

For example,

  • create file at path pages/categories/life.html or <..>/
  • add permalink: /categories/life/ in front matter.
  • add desired content / markup.
  • repeat for remaining categories.
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Thank you so much. I will try and will write the results here.

In case it helps

I have a single page on my blog listing all tags and posts in each.


Alternatively I could use a plugin as recommended above or manually make a Markdown page for each tag.