Minimal mistakes: Is it possible to catgorise pages?

I have set up a Minimal Mistakes website with Github Pages from [](this repository).

I want to use categories and tags also with pages (I am not interested in using posts since the page is for a university course). I can successfully add files to the _posts directory but when I add a file to the _page directory with the same Front Matter used in a post the page is not searchable and doesn’t appear in the category page.

I tried adding include: ['_pages'] to my config file but without any result.

Make sure include config lacks the s if your directory lacks it.

Have a look at the forums. There are at least two discussions around categories or tags on non post pages

You can use some jekyll templating to iterate over categories. There is a jquery solution too.

Also there are plugins (won’t work on gh pages without CI effort on GH Actions)

And you can find more plugins and blog post articles

My solution on this question was to use Collections - for example _cars as a folder and _dogs as a folder and you can iterate over items in each (check Collections in the Jekyll docs)

That approach is more elegant in a way than post categories as you have to update every post in a category in order to rename a category. But if you use a folder and configure you collection in config YAML file then it is easier to rename.

Tags are not so easy because a page can have tags so collections don’t make sense. That won’t affect you but it will give context for the links above since solving tags and categories is very different