How to create separate posts for different pages?

I am using the minimal-mistakes template for developing my GitHub pages. My question is: How should we create multiple posts and link them with a specific page? Following is my github page repo. In it, I have pages created in the _pages folder. All the posts are present in the _posts folder. I am confused how will post inside _posts will know to which page to appear in?
Example: For a given page

layout: posts
permalink: /education/
title: "Courses/Books"
author_profile: true

I wish to have multiple posts such as:

title: "Dummy"
date: 2018-01-28
tags: [data wrangling, data science, messy data]
  image: "/images/perceptron/percept.jpg"
excerpt: "Data Wrangling, Data Science, Messy Data"
mathjax: "tr

Hence, How to get “Dummy” post to come in education page? Any help @mmistakes would be great.

Posts have no relation to each by default. You can assign categories or tags to them and then use the themes layouts to create archive pages.

Collections are another way of grouping pages. They are commonly used for pages that aren’t date based. The theme provides layouts for doing collection based archives as well.

Simply creating a page isn’t enough. You need a way to relate the documents back to an archive listing. Either tag those posts education or use it as a category, then build the appropriate taxonomy page for it.

Or create an education collection and put your documents in that.