Minimal Mistakes - adding collections to archive


I am really new to this, so excuse the lingo :slight_smile:

Is there any way I can add categories from “permalink: /portfolio/” to the /categories/ and /tags/ ?

in other words, when I click a or category at the bottom of this page I want to end up here :slight_smile:

Perhaps you have not defined it properly on this particular page…?
On, the tags and categories point to the desired page…

Im not quite sure what you mean. The https ://… are working as intended.

I have defined like this:

title: Posts
layout: home
permalink: /posts/
collection: posts
entries_layout: list
classes: wide

And it works as I intend. The categories I define in a /post/ are included here:

But I would also like to have the categories I define in a /portfolio/ to be included here as well. is defined like this:

title: Portfolio
layout: collection
permalink: /portfolio/
collection: portfolio
entries_layout: grid
classes: wide

Its a bit hard to explain when I’m frankly not sure what things are called, but here is my github repo:

I understand your issue now.
It is a limitation with Jekyll that only posts have proper support for categories and tags.

To extend the support to other collections, you’ll have to use a plugin
named jekyll-tagories.

Unfortunately, GitHub Pages does not allow using plugins outside their limited set. So you’ll have to build the site elsewhere (either locally, or via a CI service such as TravisCI, or GitHub Actions) and push the contents of _site directory onto a branch
named gh-pages and set up GitHub to serve those contents.
Or look into ditching GitHub Pages entirely in favor of services such as Netlify, CloudCannon, etc

Ah! Thanks! I can at least stop trying to get it to work “out-of-the-box” I will look into your suggestions :slight_smile:

I am also reading this:

Good to know that.
You may also find the following article helpful:

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