Gallery according to categories


Is it possible, without code modification, to create a gallery according to a category or a tag with the minimal-mistakes-jekyll theme ?

If not, what could be the best approach ?


  1. Create a new .md page for your gallery.
  2. Set the layout to category
  3. Set the permalink if needed
  4. Set the category you’d like to filter on using taxonomy
  5. Set the grid view

For example if you wanted all posts that have category foo to appear on a page in a grid view you’d use this YAML Front matter:

title: Foo
layout: category
permalink: /catgory/foo/
taxonomy: foo
entries_layout: grid

With entries_layout: grid each post will show up like this instead of a simple text list:

Relevant theme documentation can be found here:

Thank you.
Effectively I have a list of posts according to their taxonomy but the next/prev buttons display posts which are not in the list !
What is missing as parameters ?