How to add Category page?

I’ve started a github pages blog here (
The theme I used does not have a way to categorize posts or a category page.
I found this tuturial (, but I’d like to use my same template.
Any help would be appreciated.

You should be able to follow that example and do it on your site within your theme, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, it is just code.

You can style it how ever you want, the code is the important part and would be more or less the same on any site I would think. Just make a new page and have it use one of the layouts and try it.

Did you try it and there was something wrong?

I was able to create a categories.html page and access from It’s not pretty, but it works.
I’d like users to see the categories on the left while reading a post. How can I add a link for the different categories on the _config.yml page so it takes them to the correct category on the categories.html I just created?

that would probably be a major redesign of your theme, certainly possible but not a plug and play type thing that I can tell.

You would have to see where that side bar part is in the theme - is it in a layout? or an include? and then put the code in there and then style it to look the way you want.

Not sure you would need to do anything in the config file - unless maybe it is a theme option? I guess you could ask who ever made the theme?

I only have a few posts since I just started so it sounds like it would be easier to move to another theme that allows for archiving and categories. Thanks Rdyar!