Split post into different categories?

Hello all! I was curious if there is a way to format jekyll to split my post into different categories and have links for those categories at the top of the page next to Blog and About. For example. I want to be able to split Dog post and Cat posts with links at the top for Dog Cat About. Im sure this is possible, I cant seem to find where to edit jekyll to set this up.

You can hard code the links to dogs.html and cats.html into the nav and then create those pages in the root of the site, and on them use a for loop where you loop over all the posts and show them if they match the category. Google jekyll show posts from category and you will find a bunch of info to do a for loop.

If all you have done so far is play with the default theme, you are just scratching the surface.

Also, if you are using the default jekyll theme, the theme files are sort of hidden, which makes editing them a little difficult. I don’t use jekyll themes so I won’t be of much help, but there is a fair amount of info on how to edit them.

If you need more help post more info about your setup - ie which theme, GH repo link if there is one and a specific question and I’m sure you will get more help.