Build a jekyll site out of several repositories (github))

Hi there.
I’ve previously shared a similar issue, which I ended up solving in another way).

I’m a teacher and use github pages for creating landing pages for a season course.
I’d like to have a github page with all the _posts in several github hostes sites.

How do I do that?
How do I tell jekyll to build a site putting together sevearl different contents?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

This has been done before I see. Can you create two folders with posts directories like where it worked for this case?

Thanks Michael.
My apologies I didnt’ explained the problem.
I have repository A (which is this one / Gh-pages) and repository B (this / Gh pages). I want this and hipotethically N repositories to be rendered on a mother repository, that collects and possibly allow the tag research among all posts in the Schede folder (the post) .

Is it now more clear?
thanks in advance

There’s some prior art for pulling in content from other repos using git submodules. Google around, there are a few blog posts out there about it.

Mostly used to separate content from layout, but you could likely adapt it to have each _posts repo as their own module that is pulled into a master repo.

There’s also this new tool that allows you to pull content from various sources. What you want hasn’t been built yet but I believe the functionality is there to flesh it out.

Yes submodules would work great for this. Multiple repos existing as folders in another repo. Submodules are versions at a commit though so you’ll have to update the parent repo with a commit to get the latest child repos