Minimal Mistakes Paginate v2 Example?

I’m lost.

I managed to get a couple of the examples from the jekyll-paginate-v2 working (at least one doesn’t work at all).

But when I try to move the example to a remote Minimal Mistakes theme, nothing works.
Can we have an example of how to incorporate paginate v2 into a site using the Minimal Mistakes theme?

Check these threads, there are several MM users who are using jekyll-paginate-v2 with the theme. You can probably look at their repos (if they’re public) to see how they’ve configured it.

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for you quick reply.
I’m loving the Minimal Mistakes theme, it looks like you’ve put a lot of work into it.

I checked out your links:

  • The first has a fork of the theme, but no public repositories using the theme.
  • The second has no public repositories

As long as you’re here, can I ask how to property use Minimal Mistakes as a remote theme?

I’m seeing the above error messages, it seems that even though I’ve attempted to use the remote theme, that I’m not actually able to access any of the layouts.

I’m looking through other issues on the theme repository to see if others have a similar problem.

On my main repository, I’m not having issues with the theme, just adding the pagination.
And on the pagination-v2 examples, I’m having issues changing from minima to Minimal Mistakes.

Thanks for you time.


Those warnings are because you have layouts specified in your post/page’s YAML front matter that don’t exist. For example MM doesn’t have a post or page layout.

In the files it lists check your front matter and use a layout MM does have… like layout: single

Hi again,

Sorry for the late reply.

If you look at the image, you’ll see that some of the layouts I attempted to use do indeed exist in MM, like posts. It still wasn’t found.

I’m very lost in all this and I really think that there should be some good documentation on this.
Another post has since arisen on this message board by someone else who is having issues with this.

I don’t understand collections or other Jekyll topics.
I just want some posts to appear on my home page.
That has to be a very normal use case.

How can I configure _config.yml to use Minimal Mistakes and display posts on the home page?

I’ve finally figured this out.

First of all, for those looking for a working example of how to use jekyll-paginate-v2, you are welcome to take a look at this repository. There is a homepage with a single page of the most recent three posts, and a Blog page with pages of five posts at a time.

The key elements that gave me a working example were:

  • Gemfile: gem "jekyll-paginate-v2", group: :jekyll_plugins
  • _config.yml:
    remote_theme : “mmistakes/minimal-mistakes@4.19.2”
    minimal_mistakes_skin : “default”
    enabled: true
    per_page: 3
    permalink: ‘/page/:num/’
    title: ’ - page :num’
    limit: 1
    sort_field: ‘date’
    sort_reverse: true
    – jekyll-paginate-v2
    – jekyll-paginate-v2
  • front-matter:
    author_profile: true
    layout: home
    enabled: true
  • _pages/ front-matter:
    layout: posts
    title: Blog
    permalink: /blog/
    enabled: true
    limit: 0
    per_page: 5
  • Nothing else, do not use paginate or pagination in any other front-matter, especially the posts themselves

To summarize, I had misunderstood the paginate front-matter, or found misinformation regarding how to use it. By including pagination: enabled: true in my posts, I messed up the pagination and none of the posts were considered. My paginator.posts array was empty.

For those confused, take a look at the repository I linked, it should demonstrate how to create a basic setup using Minimal Mistakes and jekyll-paginate-v2.