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I forked the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme in order to make an academic webpage on github. I really like the layout and the formatting. However, I’ve been unsuccesfully trying to make the home page into a short bio with markdown, instead of a list of recent blog posts, and have the latter become available on one of the tabs on the top of the page. All my attempts have ended up eliminating the bio overview on the left of the page. Anyone have any idea as to how this is done?

Welcome Alejandro,
Fortunately for you, the author @mmistakes is an active member of this forum as well…

You’ll want to use the splash page layout.

layout: splash

To see the source for the MM sample home page, which is what I think you’re after you can look at this Markdown file.

For more info on the splash page layout consult the theme’s documentation.

Same question. I copy the demo under my _pages folder but it still shows recent posts there in default page. Anything I need to change in _config.yml or navigation.yml ?

Could be a couple of things.

  1. You haven’t added _pages to the include array in your _config.yml and Jekyll is ignoring _pages/ and not processing it.
  2. You have a or index.html file in the root of your repo and it’s overwriting what you have in
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thanks, I found there’s an existing index.html file. Removed it and all works. thanks