Minimal mistakes theme with jekyll-paginator-v2

Hi everyone.

To set the context, I built my website at using Jekyll and Minimal Mistakes. I followed the instruction on to set up the collection for my websites, resulting in five different collections, where each collection in the future will have their own contents. The collection can be found here;

Now, I want to paginate each content in each collection on a page, all together. It’s kinda exactly like the “Recent Post” thing where;

but instead of posts, it is pages, since the collections are using pages instead posts I want them to be displayed in accordance with their dates so that visitors can see the most recent to the most old pages in each collection. I know there’s an option for jekyll-paginator-v2, but I couldn’t just figured to do it using that. I did try, but the result was;

which is nothing like the one I showed earlier(the recent posts). I’m kinda stuck, so will greatly appreciated if someone that is fluent in this language can guide me.

Thank you in advance.