Jekyll-paginate-v2 not working on Minimal mistakes theme for github page (GH)

Hi everyone,

I am using minimal mistakes theme ( with jekyll-paginate-v2 for hosting on GitHub page. I am trying to paginate a page with all of the collections that I have. I got what I wanted when I edit my website locally using git, but once I push the changes and open the website on a browser, it doesn’t behave the same way as it is before. Here’s a couple of screenshots;

This is my website on github page. You can see on the link. In this screenshot, the pagination ran through my posts folder instead of my collection.

This is on my local machine using git. This is what I wanted. The pagination ran through all of my folders that are collections.

As you can see, both have exactly the same link, so I couldn’t figure what is the problem.

I’m not sure what screenshots are needed to look into this problem, so please request anything that you find helpful.

Thank you.

Howdy prof-amer,

I can’t tell you why you’re getting the output your getting without seeing the backend, but I can say this: jekyll-paginate-v2 is not allowed on GitHub Pages. You can see the allowed plugins here: Most probably, the jekyll-paginate plugin is using the configs that are the same in jekyll-paginate-v2, but who knows.

If you need plugins that GitHub Pages doesn’t support, you could do your build locally and push the built files. That’s how I do it. I have my source in the master branch and the built files in the gh-pages branch. You can see my deploy script here: