Minimal mistakes fork

Hi ya’ll,

I’m giving an attempt at using gitpages and I wanted to use the minimal mistakes theme.

I started by forking the quick start repository, changing the name, and giving it a new title in the config file.

At the moment, it doesn’t appear to be rendering correctly.

Any suggestions? Was there something else I was supposed to do for the initial set up?

Also, as a follow up. I’m creating this site to host some projects which are largely R markdown files. I wanted to just upload the finished HTML files and host them on the page. Anyone know if this is possible/easy?


For starters, you need to reset the following as well:

baseurl: /mm-github-pages-starter

My recommendation is to just delete those lines entirely if you’re only hosting on GitHub Pages.

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Thank you @ashmaroli!!

Will they get set automatically by GitHub?

I noticed that the jekyll-sitemap plugin uses the absolute_url filter which relies on those values.

I believe they do. (I need to confirm though)
You could always test it out by leaving them nil or undefined.

URL can be left blank but site map plugin will not know what context it is so URLs will all be relative. Same for RSS feed. Ideally they are absolute.

If you do set url note that it’s not used locally unless you set a jekyll environment to production. GH pages is considered production automatically.

Baseurl will be used regardless of prod or not. Locally it’s easy to get your site to build with baseurl set to match repo name OR empty. however if you are serving GH pages site on a subdomain you must set baseurl to avoid link errors.

There is an exception. If you use github metadata or ghpages plugin, then jekyll will set values for you in config if they are blank. Great for description. I found weird behavior that broke my site when I left baseurl empty, as the plugin set baseurl to “/pages/username/repo-name” where it literally starts with the word pages. Setting baseurl manually using “/repo-name” fixed it