Configuring Minimal Mistakes

I need help with configuring my website with the Minimal Mistakes theme. I’m not a developer. I’m just a teacher. Someone (who is now too busy to help me) set me up with Jekyll and Netlify.

I have a personal website. It’s a simple blog. My students access it to help them learn English. I have Minimal Mistakes installed. I don’t know how to put the menu at the top. I also don’t know how to get the circular profile picture (with the profile links) to work. I’m using Typora on my Mac to do all of this.

Minimal Mistakes is a well-documented theme. Going through its website should get you on track. However, it’s best that you acquaint yourselves with the basics of Jekyll to understand the changes you’ll be making to the theme.

  • The top menu is determined by a YAML file at location _data/navigation.yml.
  • The profile information is determined by info provided under top-level author key in your _config.yml.

I suggest you refer above two files at the theme’s repository, at minimum.
If you don’t see the data file in your blog’s directory, copy from the repository into the corresponding location in your blog directory and make necessary changes.

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I would suggest using the MM starter which is the easiest way to get it installed as it’s preconfigured with all of the basics needed for a blog.

Then work your way through the theme’s documentation for everything else.

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Thank you for your help, ashmaroli and mmistakes. I’ll try your suggestions. :+1: