I am tired of Copy and Paste. Where should I start my dev journey

I am tired of coping and pasting code and trying to make something work. Can anyone suggest a udemy or lynda course that will explain the basics of how to be a web developer?

I think you may start with free tutorials on youtube first

You could start at https://jekyllcodex.org (disclaimer: I am the author).

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I should re title this how to be Micheal Rose.

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Free Code Camp. https://www.freecodecamp.org/

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yeah, i understand how you feel, because i’m tired with it too, i hope i could create an jekyll theme just make people happy use it, and accept my work.

Sorry for the speech :wink:

Being a web developer is a journey, so you’re always, always, always learning things. React is one of the most frameworks and it was started in 2014, while html and css have their roots going back 25 years or more (don’t quote me on that one :slight_smile: ).

I would suggest a couple things, and you can do some or all

  1. Talk to other programmers. Find forums (freecodecamp’s is good), discord servers (I’m a mod on one here), or real people (*gasp*)
  2. Ask questions, even if they seem dumb. I know it’s cliche, but there really is no such thing as a dumb question, because you are trying to learn.
  3. Take courses, practice, read books, practice, and then practice some more. Books don’t really help me. Like people mentioned YouTube is good, and so is FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum. You can find some nice and long courses on FreeCodeCamp’s Youtube channel.
  4. Practice. A lot. Seriously. Doing something is the only way to learn how to do it right. Go back to some old project, and try to revamp it.