Want to hire a Jekyll expert for a few hours

I’d like to set up a relatively simple site probably using the Minimal Mistakes theme. I’ve been a programmer, but I’m new to Ruby, modern web design, Jekyll, etc. I figure I can learn this faster and avoid common pitfalls by hiring someone who’s already good at it to pair program with me.

It’s better if you’re near my time zone (Seattle) and familiar with OS/X.

Hi there,

I’m in Seattle area as well. Couldn’t claim myself an expert-expert but very curious, friendly and somewhat knowledgeable user of Jekyll, can read & comprehend Ruby code and tinker with Jekyll internals.

Will be more than happy to meet for a coffee/beer and help you with questions or pair program for a few hours.

If you find that time to be of any value to your project/idea the only favor in return I would ask is to donate whatever you think my help worth to freecodecamp.org in my name.

I’m also fine if you decide not to donate, still my help to you would be for free.

Let me know if I can be of any help.


Pablo, that sounds great to me. Thank you for your offer. Today I’m working on this at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue but ordinarily I’m near the W building in the U District, which has a comfortable coffee shop near by.

I’m a little further today. Still struggling to get the https://mmistakes.github.io/minimal-mistakes/ theme to do what I want it to on my front page. I feel reluctant to customize the theme too much because I want the site to be easy to maintain in the future.

I had some installation problems with High Sierra, got frustrated trying to follow the instructions, and just wound up downloading the theme’s ZIP file instead of working in git.

Fantastic, since I’m actually in Bellevue as well and know where Mox Boarding House is.

Let me see if I can make it there today…

Not sure it’s safe to post my phone number on this forum and I don’t seem to have rights to email yet, so I’ll keep checking here. I’ve moved to 148th Ave and NE 24th Street, but could get back there or elsewhere if you’re free this afternoon.

Got Github hooked up again, except for hosting there. It was confused because I had two logins.

Just sent you a private message.

I’m working on my site again. I would love to pair program on it with someone in the Seattle area so that I can learn faster.