Jekyll live coding event

I am doing a live coding event on YouTube tomorrow (10 April) and want to invite Jekyll fans here to join.

I’ll be tackling questions that come up in the chat by discussing them and doing examples on a screen share.

In particular, I am going to cover build a Jekyll site from an existing non-Jekyll HTML theme.

See the 1-hour event on Saturday a 3pm GMT+2.

If you are joining and want to see a section covered (like how to nest data or build a theme gem or use GitHub Actions) then post on this thread on in the live chat during the event.

I’m new at that this but do have one past live stream uploaded if you want to watch on my profile.

If have links to some of my Jekyll sites and instructions to host a live coding session if you are interested. post


ThX for Sharing ,
once more @MichaelCurrin

PS: just shared in myFediverse’s Mastodon node, here … BTW

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@jordila and @Kes01331 here is a Jekyll docs tutorial on the same topic as my session

Hi @MichaelCurrin Sorry I missed the live event! I was ill over the weekend. I did watch the recording (a few times!) and wanted to say thank you! It was very informative- I did have some trouble with Makefile since I am using Windows. I’m coding my own layout right now and plan to follow along with your video/docs tutorial to convert it to Jekyll.

Thanks again! Let me know when you plan on doing another live coding event :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry you missed it and were not well.

I actually have an idea of using Make.bat as a Windows-friendly alternative. If I add that file to one of my sites, it would be good to see if it works for you.

Sounds great! Just let me know!