Introducing -- jekyll-wikilinks!

Hello all!

First, I want to say thanks to the jekyll (and ruby) communities for their open source contributions – there are some wonderful solutions here and I am grateful for their existence.

I’ve recently been learning about digital gardens, personal knowledge management, and zettelkasten. I thought I’d give back a little and so created jekyll-wikilinks, which allows you to specify a jekyll collection to support [[wikilinks]] (in markdown files).

Thanks goes to @maximevaillancourt for his digital garden jekyll template which served as the base for this plugin. And fair warning: It is my first gem and first time using ruby outside of tutorials – expect it to not be perfect! :joy:

Further, I would love to see jekyll start becoming ‘wiki-aware’ as well as ‘blog-aware’ and for this gem to one day be integrated into either jekyll or a parser, like kramdown. I’m imagining robust and flexible enough functionality to support [[wikilinks]] across multiple collections, posts, or wherever else people would want them. I imagine deeper integration could also allow for the possibility of using tags in conjunction with [[wikilinks]] (see this obsidian discussion).

If anyone has thoughts or feedback, I’m all ears – I imagine I’m missing a lot of pertinent details due to being green in jekyll/ruby/etc. (Note: There is also this solution, which I didn’t spot until just now).

Anyway, thanks all for the hard work and hope others find the plugin useful!

:seedling: shorty

PS I am creating a jekyll template that puts these ideas into action. I will try to remember to link here when it’s ready – stay tuned! :tv:

[Search terms]:

  • wikilinks
  • bidirectional links
  • backlinks
  • internal links
  • double bracket links

I love you, man!

Thank you very much! This is what I have been waiting for for the past six months.
You will see the plug-in installed on and in the next three days.

Again, thanks a lot!

Happy coding,


Thanks for the words – I checked out your site. It’s pretty dope – ottimo lavoro! (courtesy of google translate)


Thanks for… now we have more options, as i was walking @brennan 's path, enjoying his garden

I’m also having a look at Git-wiki here .

For me, the powerful thing here…is the potential of a nice KISS editor backend like Prose ?

Let’s keep talking…

PS: this relates to this other thread here

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If you’re using dendron or just want trees, hierarchies, or namespacizzles – I just put out jekyll-namespaces today and it works in conjunction with jekyll-wikilinks!

Just don’t fall out o’ dem trees :deciduous_tree::chipmunk:.