Looking for front-end dev/designer to help build site

Hi All, not sure if acceptable to post work things here?

I need help modifying a template I’ve purchased. If you have availability, I can provide a detailed brief for you to quote against (if that’s helpful)

Need someone who will understand the groovy responsive CSS (ie not break it by adding stuff incorrectly). Will need a bit of liquid work, like setting up conditional pagination and organising things in a config yml file for scalability etc.

My starting template is “Index”:

I’ve approached the three devs on the site but none of them has availability.

I’m new to this forum but will try to check in for replies:-)

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@ianyu93 , be welcome .

And yes, work topics too.

I’ll be available for collaboration in around 10 days…

Meanwhile, i can start reading about what you already shared.

I’ll write you via private message, if it’s ok for you ?

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