Looking for theme design (paid)

First time poster, so I hope this is OK, but I’d figure no one would complain about paid job postings.
Note that the below is only for a jekyll template with a focus on design. We create all content and put it into the template. We don’t need anything fancy tech-wise and I’m a competent jekyll user, so no hand-holding required. Also (as should be obvious from the price tag) it’s perfectly fine if this is based on an existing theme.
Please send inquiries and bids, including a portfolio and references, to me at skarcher [at] syr.edu
Happy to answer questions here, too.

The Qualitative Data Repsitory (QDR - qdr.syr.edu)* is looking for a web designer to create a Jekyll template that will be used to create an online course (consisting of approximately ten inter-related modules). The template must:

  • Be fully responsive for use on mobile devices
  • Allow for styling of different text boxes (Exercise, Further Reading, Tips, etc.), as well as collapsed solutions to exercises via CSS classes (implemented using liquid)
  • Follow a clean, modern design suitable to present learning material with easy navigation between individual modules.
  • Use our and our partner’s** logo
  • Follow our partner’s style guide, which specifies main fonts, color palette and use of SSRC´s logos

The contract deliverables (somewhat negotiable) are:
Brief (30-60min) initial meeting to clarify design specs (by July 30)
Delivery of three (very rough) mock-ups of possible themes (to be completed by August 15, 2017)
Delivery of the template (via github) (September 15, 2017)
Up to three rounds of revisions to the theme (to be completed by October 15, 2017 at the latest)
Bugfixes as needed (October 2017 - March 2018)

Pay is fixed at US$ 1,200 (non-negotiable, as this is a subcontract), payable after 3rd or final revision, October 15, 2017
Designer should be available for possible design-tweaks at no more than US$60/hour from January to March 2018.
W9 required for US-based contracts.

* The contract and payment will not be with Syracuse University, where QDR is located, but with the Consortium for Qualitative Research Methods, a US non-profit.
** The partner is a major US-based research funder. This isn’t particularly secretive, but I didn’t check back with them about naming them in job posts.