Free Jekyll Themes for Business Website

Hi all,

I have been looking for jekyll themes for my business website at, the current design is not responsive and am looking for professional looking free templates.
I have googled online for a while but couldnt find interesting stuff so I thought why not ask people, if you know of any please share the links. You can get the idea of theme I am looking for from

you don’t have to use a jekyll “theme” you can just use css and do whatever you want.

A long time ago I bought a couple different generic website themes and just made a header include for the nav and a footer include and then put the content in between, no big deal. I just copied the stuff the theme had into the header/footer. Took a little reverse engineering but it was not difficult and helped me learn a lot.

After that as I learned some css I just made my own css/layouts.

It may help that I don’t like fancy websites and prefer simple and functional without fancy drop down nav stuff.

I’m the developer of the Jekyll Template, a free to use and fully configurable Jekyll theme based on the CSS framework Bootstrap V5. The theme JekyllOne is designed for more complex websites presenting a larger number of posts and pages.

A lot of addiitional modules are included in the theme to support business or documentation websites at their best. Have a look at the live pages at Github for the build-in website. To create your own site in minutes, I recomment to go for Rocketstart.

Have fun and happy Jekyllng!