Best Jekyll Themes 2023

Until now, Jekyll is one of the most popular static site generators. This post presents a collection of the best free Jekyll themes. The collection provides free and open-source themes, also found on GitHub. All the themes presented here are for free, responsive and high-quality. And can be used to create a portfolio website with a blog for yourself quickly.

I’m the developer of the Jekyll Template JekyllOne, a free to use and fully configurable Theme based on the CSS framework Bootstrap V5. The Theme JekyllOne is designed for more complex websites presenting a larger number of posts and pages. The use case for JekyllOne is focusing on larger websites. That does not mean smaller sites couldn’t use it, but the configuration work may be too time-consuming. In such cases, I recommend using more lightweight templates available for Jekyll.

Find below, in my option, the best free and lightweight themes for Jekyll using the CSS framework Bootstrap as well.

Have fun!

Top Templates at Jamstack Club

The site Jamstack Club presents a collection of free Jamstack themes and templates for Jekyll, Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, Gatsby and many more. Filter, sort, preview, and find the best Jamstack theme for your next project.

Top Templates at Jekyll Themes

From Jekyll Themes, a curated directory of Free and Premium Jekyll Themes is presented. The site provides a bunch of hand-picked themes from established theme developers.

Top Templates at BootstrapStarter

BootstrapStarter provides you with a rich bundle of Bootstrap resources. The compilation contains useful resources for Bootstrap-based projects, including free and premium Jekyll Themes. All resources present by Sal, a designer and developer at WowThemes.