Any Jekyll Devs for Hire?


It’s been a week since I posted my inquiry and no one has responded. I’m having some issues figuring out why my pictures are not displaying on the live site, and why text will not update live on Github Pages. If you’re interested I’m willing to compensate you for some assistance in resolving these issues.

Best Regards,

For future reference, every Jekyll site is unique in its own way.
Unless you provide a link to your live site demonstrating the issue and a link to your site’s Jekyll source (if it is a public repository), the community cannot help you.

Understood, I’ll keep that in mind. Here are the links if any happens to be interested.

The site looks okay to me with background images. And the site build is in a passing state.

Can you link to a specific page on the website where you expect you expect an image to be there and the name of file?

Can you link to a page where see outdated content and provide a snippet of what text you expect to see.

Even better if you can provide screenshots.

Also indicate if the issue is only on the live site or also on a local build.

I noticed there is a fork which is behind. So make sure you are serving the site off the repo linked and not off the fork.

I checked out your old forum post.

Is the problem only the demo post page or all pages?

I can’t see a way to get to the post using the main pages.

What is the URL for the post on the site?
EDIT: I found the post from sitemap

Looking at the markdown page the image loads fine for me in GitHub

Hello Michael,

Thank you for taking time to respond, I believe that this problem is with all pages. I was able to reach the post with the URL you posted. I’ve recently turned on custom domain, however, this problem existed before without custom domain selected. Yes, it loads well for me in github as well. I’ve contacted Github Pages and am being assisted by staff as well to get the issue resolved if you’d like to follow this as well.