Typesense search

I recently ran into algolia’s free tier limit, after attempting to transition to a full-text search.

I was recommended Typesense, and thought “Great!” a FOSS alternative to algolia… except this does not come with a jekyll plugin, and the example application isn’t quite enough to get me started at trying to index my site.

seems like this gatsby plugin might get me much of the way there, since it searches html files indexing elements with the data-typesense-field.


I was recently thinking about extracting the portion of this package that looks for data attributes into a separate package, so it can be used in exactly the way you describe against any site. (gatsby-plugin-typesense/issues/5)

looks like my wish shall be granted… we’ll see how I fare integrating with minimal mistakes, but hopefully this typesense-instantsearch-adapter will relieve most of the pain involved.

if suggesting alternatives, something in the self-hosted realm would be best for my use-case.


There are q bunch of threads on the forum discussing search. You can search search or algolia.