Jekyll-algolia plugin

The official algolia plugin for jekyll is going through a major version bump, any feedback is welcomed before the v1.0 release.

To test the plugin, modify your Gemfile:

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'jekyll-algolia'

Add you application_id and index in the config:

  application_id: 'xxxxxxxxx'
  index_name: 'my_index'

Then run ALGOLIA_API_KEY=XXXXXXXX bundle exec jekyll algolia to push your index to algolia.

Front-end demo with Instant Search and examples coming soon.

If you’re a theme developer and are interested in adding Algolia search to your theme and need any help, please ask on the repo.

/cc @DavidDarnes, @desiredpersona, @mmistakes

Of course you just have to open an issue on GitHub if you have any question/feedback.


Has anyone use Jekyll-algolia plugin yet?

Thanks for the heads up @Frank. Added a note to my ever-growing to-do list.
Algolia search is quite useful on the Jekyll homepage. :+1:

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@mmistakes, have you use this Jekyll-algolia plugin in the Jekyll Documentation?

No, I haven’t tried it yet.

For Jekyll’s documentation we opted for the DocSearch service because GitHub Pages do not support this plugin by default.

The plugin is still in development and currently already handles indexation at build time, for the front-end you still have to use a library like InstantSearch. Maybe the plugin will allow easier integration in the future.

Looks great! Sorry for my late reply, been quite busy. I’d like to test it out on a project that justifies it. I’m doing my best to keep my themes working well both in and out of the GitHub Page ecosystem so I’m not so keen to add it to them, sorry.

Here is a snapshot preview of the jekyll-algolia plugin integration with Jekyll’s default theme

Demo is now available:


that is really cool!

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Documentation is available for those who wants to add search on their blog:

Also you’ll find how to deploy on GitHub Pages with Travis and on Netlify (recommended default)

More examples to come for documentation and collections, stay tuned!

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The new plugin has been officially released, it has been tested by some members of the community so it’s already pretty solid. The indexation is now smarter and will save operations on your quota, that also makes updates faster. You’re encouraged to upgrade :rocket:


Just got around to adding support for jekyll-algolia in my Basically Basic theme (more to follow :slight_smile:)

And here’s a demo site of it in use on GitHub Pages, with the help of Travis CI.

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That’s pretty cool!

Found this nugget on the Basically Basic site:

I can’t take all the credit for that copy. I adaoted most of the test posts in the theme from WordPress’s theme unit test.