Search function for real estate website

I’m a beginner in web developing and I want to build a real estate website for my personal use.
I’m using WordPress right now but I’m thinking about moving to Jekyll.
The most important function that I need is the search function (location drop-down, price, categories, tags, metadata like beds, rooms, etc.).
If anybody can share some guides on building real estate or e-commerce site that involve mentioned above search functionality I would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Check out Algolia, specifically their InstantSearch product. Works well with Jekyll, lots of example apps / boilerplate out there, and free for up to 10k records.

A few places to start:
E-commerce example. Built by Algolia.
AirBnB clone example. Built by Algolia.
Jekyll-Materialize-Algolia. Built by yours truly.

Also keep an eye on @Frank’s algolia-jekyll plugin.


@ckruse Please note that the plugin is also developed by Algolia, I’m just helping them getting the word out because I like the search experience. I’ll be working with Tim, the author of the plugin, on enhancing the documentation, we hope that search will be much powerful and easier to add on Jekyll websites. :blush:


Thanks a lot, @ckruse & @Frank ! I checked it out, it looks awesome :grin: