Theme tip for my personal blog/web

Good morning.

I would like to know your opinion, on what would be the best topic to have my personal blog, my notes, etc… but with some special characteristics that are important to me:

  • I do all the creation of the articles local through my own Jekyll server (in Docker) and I upload the results to GitHub.
  • Mastodon contact icon
    • This is because many themes do not have this option active and including this option is very difficult (due to the source issue or the code itself)
  • Have the options of “categories” and “tags”
  • I would like it to have a “dark” theme
  • That the “posts” can take up almost the entire page, because many times they take up very little of the browser screen and, in my opinion, a lot of space is wasted.

I have done tests with:

  • samarsault/plainwhite-jekyll
  • samarsault/texture

But they are very “abandoned” and with many functioning and usability problems and with outdated fonts that make the transition to the new fonts difficult to use the new icons (mastodon, etc…)

And now I’m testing with:

  • cotes2020/jekyll-theme-chirpy

But I see it as too complicated/messy for what I really want to do.

I mention it, because right now, on my website I am using brutalist-blog which has the good part that the posts take up the entire browser, but it has some shortcomings.

Let’s see if you can give me your opinion to advise me.

Thank you so much

I recommend you take a look at the related topic here

Thanks a lot

A the moment I use this this - Type on Strap and is perfect for me

A completely opinionated suggestion (since I am one of the maintainers), I’d recommend al-folio.