Suggestions for email hosting with custom domain

I’m about to launch my first website (!!!) with Jekyll/GitHub Pages. I purchased a domain, and want to set up an email address for that site using my domain.

I know Jekyll doesn’t offer server-side features like that, so I’m looking for recommendations for an email hosting service that will allow me to use my custom domain.

Preferably, the service would be free or very cheap, since I’m not really expecting much traffic or the need for storage/attachments. I’m sure Google Workspace works great, but not willing to pay $72 per year for a service that I expect to get little-to-no use.

Thanks in advance!

Congratulations on getting your site setup.

Your question is not actually Jekyll related but more domain / email related so you might find better help on other forums, but I’ll add in my 2 cents.

Check with your service provider in your Settings, or contact them. You might already get an email address on the domain.

And if you can’t check email on the provider portal, you could setup a forward rule as goes to a free Gmail account like

And then within Gmail you can setup the ability to send as

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Thanks for your input! Your comment prompted me to dig in to Google’s help doc a bit more, and I found that they allow 100 email aliases per DNS registration, so I just created a new Google account for the website, and set up an email alias.

I thought I’d have to pay/find another host to use a custom email address.

Thanks again!

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I’m glad to hear that’s working for you.

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