Create new email account on Jekyll

First of all, I’m a real beginner in website development, and this is going to be a very noob question.
Please enlight me with your knowledge.

How can I create a new email account for my jekyll site? because there is no CPanel or any other options that I can find for creating an email account using my custom domain name?
Or I still have to rent a host separately for my email even though I can host Jekyll site for free on Github pages?

Thank you

Hi @vinr,
Basically, jekyll will make a website out of your markdown files. No server side features.

To create a new e-mail, ask where you bought the domain.

Yes, you can host your jekyll website for free on github pages. You can use your custom domain there as well. But it won’t give you a cpanel to create a new email account.

Take care

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Thanks a lot for the explanation :grinning:

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