"Instant" Jekyll web sites from a template on a single server


I have built a handful of Jekyll websites over the years but usually I have just grabbed an existing theme that I liked and edited it to suit the particular domain - now I would like something a little more complex:

For one of my non-profit organisations I need to build, on a single server, a site that will create dozens of new, “instant” Jekyll sites from a template and a few inputs on a form - to allow branches of the organisation to get going immediately with blogs etc - the new site then only needing some DNS setup by me or the branch tech person.

Does this idea make sense? Is there anything resembling this idea already in existence?



Cloudcannon and a default Jekyll/Cloudcannon theme can do that. Github pages with a default Github theme (Jekyll) works too. The latter is free.

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@jhvanderschee ,

Fantastic! Many thanks for that - I will check out those thing . .