Where else do you host your Jekyll site?

Hi all,

I’m curious to know other than Github Pages, where else people host their Jekyll sites?

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There is, of course, aways the possibility to run Jekyll locally, and upload the built site to nearly any service provider via ftp/sftp. That’s what I do, with make scripts driving e.g. the excellent lftp.

Cloudflare pages

aws amplify, works great, same type of deal as GH where any commit re-renders the site. Also easy to do a preview site on a dev branch and then only allow pull requests on the main branch.

I’ve got one site on bunny.net storage with their CDN in front of it. It’s still managed at Github, but actions build the site and push it to bunny storage via FTP.

I use https://github.com/jeffreytse/jekyll-deploy-action to build and https://github.com/SamKirkland/FTP-Deploy-Action to deploy.

Probably Netlify is the most known service, however, I like a simple old-style web host with only an FTP account to send the generated files to.


Vercel makes it pretty easy, and their free ‘hobby’ plan seems pretty generous - I’m hosting a couple different sites with it.

Thanks everyone. I’m looking to support a new hosting for my online jekyll editor webapp.
Which one would be a better option in your opinion?