Host Jekyll Website on AWS

Can someone help me with the hosting a Jekyll website on AWS?

I will be more than happy to! How about using Gitter for that kind of conversation?

I have setup a room for that, join in:

I’m in PDT time zone, expect some delay in replies… Feel free to join in using the link, it should be a fun experiment! :smile:

@yashumittal, are you still interested to give Jekyll on AWS (:boom:) a try?

Yes. But how? Any answers


Does anyone has tried using AWS for a Jekyll website?

  1. I want to how does the website work for him.
  2. Does he faces any kind of issues.
  3. How much AWS bill you.
  4. Is it really complicate to manage Jekyll website on AWS

AWS has a million services. One of those is S3, is that what you mean? S3 allows you to host a static website.

  1. S3 works perfect for hosting my jekyll websites

  2. no issues, even use cloudfront to get free ssl

  3. bill will vary depending on traffic, my sites are pretty small, the bill for just S3 related stuff is less than $1/month for everything I have. I also use AWS Route 53 for DNS and that is probably more expensive than the actual hosting. I think it is $.50 per site.

  4. I use the S3_website gem listed above, it takes some getting used to but it simple. It is command line driven just like jekyll so it can be confusing at first but it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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Here is yet another guide on the subject:

You can get started with any of the mentioned resources and then ask questions if you get stuck at any point.

Some aspects of running Jekyll on AWS are well-defined, such as use of S3, Cloudfront and SSL (there are even gems for that). While other aspects, such as how to build your Jekyll site, manage/compile assets and etc. are less specific, since everyone tends to choose tools, services that fit their budget and expertise.

So, probably the best way for your to explore it is to start with well-defined aspects and as you get more confidence with these don’t stop there and increase complexity until you get satisfied with the overall results.

I use s3_website and have for years. It works really well.

Getting everything set up took some time and effort, but I have not had any issues since.

I use Route 53, S3, and CloudFront, so everything I need for my website is part of AWS. My bill is very small: a couple dollars a month for my personal site.

It is not complicated to manage. Now that it is all set up, I just run s3_website push after Jekyll build. Works very well.

I should mention that I also host my own video files, so your bill might be even less than mine.

As others have mentioned I host several sites on AWS S3. It does take a bit of setup, but it isn’t horrible. And the AWS docs walk you through it pretty well. I’m a developer so I have embellished the basic setup somewhat, but that certainly isn’t necessary.

My setup is backed as a standard S3 website bucket, routed by Hover and Route 53, cached and distributed to multiple regions with CloudFront, and deployed via AWS CLI with CodeShip. I picked this tool chain as it allows me to do whatever I wish. But it is overly elaborate for most people’s needs.

I host multiple sites and backup to S3 with Arq so my AWS bill is significantly higher than a standard personal setup would be. Breaking out just my personal site would be approximately a dollar a month. Probably less since I don’t have high traffic volumes yet.

The timing for this thread couldn’t have been better. I was just trying to decide where to host my writing site, and now it’s live! ( I’m using Ben Centra’s Centrarium theme with a couple of very minor tweaks.

Congrats Larry with the launch! :clinking_glasses:

Looks like your root (aka. apex) domain still points to GoDaddy’s parking page (check this out -…

However, your ‘www’ record ( does point to your new shiny site! :thumbsup:

Did you host your website on AWS?

Thanks for the heads-up, Pablo. I’ll see if I can get that sorted out today.

Yes. I went through the videos above, and a couple further ones suggested by YouTube, and got it figured out.


I am hoping you can give me some pointers on hosting a static web site on AWS. I am using Jekyll for generating the site files. I have used CloudFront to keep the site under https. I have setup my Route 53 record sets. The landing page and images for the landing page comes up with no problem. The external links on the landing page works as design. The problem I am having is when I navigate to the internal pages from the menu (docs/blog pages) I get an access denied xml message. This issue is the link to subordinate pages. When I hover over the icon, I see the URL goes to the directory only. AWS is not picking up the index.html in the directory. When I type in the full URL address in the browser (includes index.html), I am able to see the page.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

what does the url look like? I bet you are missing a trailing slash.