Which Files to host

Hello im new with jekyll:
While hosting a GitHub page i have to upload the files in the jekyll project with the structure defined in the DOCS(_includes, _layout, etc). But if i have to upload to another host, Have I to upload the files inside the _site folder? Is not clear for me. can you explain in some detail? thank you

GH runs jekyll in the background all the time, so it is monitoring your source files, when it sees a change it rebuilds the site folder and that is what it is hosting.

On a normal host you won’t have jekyll running so you host the _site folder contents.

I use AWS S3 as my host, there is a great app called s3_website that handles pushing changes to s3 for me. If you use a normal host then you would probably use rsync or something to sync the files as needed but I would highly recommend S3/cloudfront/s3_website.

You would need to build your site locally whenever you do an edit, and then upload the site folder contents.

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Thanks! With this i know how to work, now ill start learning more jekyll