How to deal with uploading big sites on jekyll?

Hi, i am new using jekyll and i am planing to change my wordpress blog to it.

But, a have some doubts about uploading a huge site, with a lots ot Gbs, to a server.

All the time i make a new post i will need to upload the entire _site folder, right? So, if the site becomes too big, with thousands of posts and images, the process of upload can become to problematic.

I think with github pages is more easily because the git program seems to upload only the altered documents. But i use a paid host company to my server and upload the files with filezilla.

How to deal with it?

I know is a future problem but i am considering it to definitively migrate.
Sorry for my bad english and thanks for the help, i am realy liking jekyll :slight_smile:

If you’re building locally you can use Rsync to upload only changed and new files so you’re not pushing the entire site.

Or you can just use a service like Netlify or GitHub Pages and let them deal with building, deploying, and hosting your site.

Minutes ago i was reading your blog post that i finded in google. And now you appears here kkk.

I never heard about rsync but i will study how to use it.
Realy thanks.

I was thinking if is possible to use a method to take a snapshot of the site each year and store this content in a directory that will no longer be modified by jekyll. And next create archive pages to access these directories. That way, i will only build content for one year of site.

But i dont know if it will become a problem with the permalinks, because maybe its necessary to change the directory structure, right?

I noticed that news sites do something like this. When i access an very old post, the structure of the site is the same as years ago.

For example this BBC site that store old news with the old site layout

What you think about this? Can it work?