How to edit/update articles on big sites using Jekyll

I want to create SEO Niche Websites using Jekyll. Each of my websites will have 300-400 articles (posts).

And I have a question, how in future I can edit/update my posts?

I don’t want to use Github for hosting, I’m planning to use virtual hosting with SSH.

And If I edit one single post, then I should upload all my website files every time? It’s hard and very don’t convenient.


I think best way using rsync. It’s better then ‘classic’ FTP.
I’m a Jekyll newbie, so searching for solutions what is best workflow.
I test rsync in my own LAN and works great.
I’m not testing yet all the Rsync options, but i read there are options for compressing files while transfer, als only transfer the latest edited posts. So Rsync is your best friend for this.
In a next step, you want automatic deploying to the hosting every day, you van use a cronjob.

Thank you sir for the answer! I will learn for Jekyll deployment.

I hope it helped you found a solution.