Jeklog - CMS to create blogs on GitHub pages

Hello everyone,

My name is Ranvir Singh and I am a student from India. I am done GSoC-2017 with the AboutCode organisation. I made a side project using Jekyll-Now theme which is used to provide WordPress like easy customizations to the people who want to make a Jekyll blog and host it using GitHub Pages. The website link is

The site is converted form of my GH project.

It would be great if you can tell me how is the idea anyway and how can I increase awareness of it. I have started writing posts related to the project to increase the traffic.

For getting started post please refer to the following post:

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Love this idea. How do you plan to distinguish your project from CloudCannon and Forestry?

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Thank you for the reply,

Well, to be quite honest I had never come across any of those two websites. I just wanted to make the hard thing of creating blogs on GitHub Pages easier. I searched CloudCannon website. My first impression tells that they don’t provide such mechanism.

I was not able to find the other website on Google. Atleast not on the first page.

Netlify CMS
And more…

I think it is rally good to have a choice. So keep up the good work. However, I was wondering how you want to differentiate your project from the existing ones.

Great to know about all of them. Now I can use them as a guide and see what options they are providing.

If you have any idea on how can I differentiate from existing systems, I would be delighted to work on it.