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I’ve decided to create my personal website in Jekyll, and host it on GitHub pages. The website will be used share my portfolio as well as a blog consisting of text and images. I plan to occasionally include video and audio files for podcasts.

What I’d like to know is why someone would choose to host using GitHub Pages, instead of another hosting provider.

I understand GitHub Pages has a 1 GB limit so that may affect users who wish to store large multimedia files; however, I’d like to know if there is anything else I should consider.

its free?

For my work websites I don’t use GH Pages as I feel like paying gives me a better chance to have continuous uptime. Not that AWS Amplify costs anything much. I also assume there could be some terms of use on GH pages about commercial websites but I think I looked once and didn’t see anything.

Jekyll is for static websites. The reasons to choose GitHub Pages is that GitHub has great support for Jekyll, and it’s free. I usually keep my static website small in size. I also use it to showcase projects. I usually use embed and put the actual files in other places (Github repositories for code, YouTube / Vimeo for videos, and Google Drive for others, etc.). I tried Netlify’s free tier before but figured I just need GitHub Pages to keep everything in one place. For more serious website, I would use WordPress or build up a dynamic site from scratch and pay for analytics and other value-added services with a better host such as SiteGround.

The T&C for GitHub Pages has this to say:

GitHub Pages is not intended for or allowed to be used as a free web hosting service to run your online business, e-commerce site, or any other website that is primarily directed at either facilitating commercial transactions or providing commercial software as a service (SaaS). Some monetization efforts are permitted on Pages, such as donation buttons and crowdfunding links.

So, I’d say, no, you’re not supposed to use it for commercial purposes, but a portfolio site feels like it should be okay.

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Maybe GitHub cracks down on people using GH Pages, but I run a small website with maybe 5-10k visitors a month so they can visit my podcast and have no issues. The content is small because usually, your podcast plays from an external service, so the bandwidth is negligible. GH has not communicated anything to me that suggests I should move to another provider.

I have another corporate website with about the same amount of traffic where I offer my consulting services. Unless you create some creator-driven paywalled website that you expect to have tremendous amounts of traffic, you are probably OK.

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The reason all behind this:

  • The code is staying on Github.
  • Netlify and other hosting services need config and extra work; it doubles time and energy since Github Pages are in one place.
  • since we use Jekyll primarily for portfolios, showcases, blogs… Our mine just told us that we need to keep a file small, which is suitable for loading, good in speed, clean, and easy to remember, for both who created reader, crawl, Autobot, and finally, the Aliens could go to our website if their wifi internet far far away the earth.
  • for Team and Organization, it is excellent how the dev quickly found errors, issues, and life previews on Pages.
  • Yes, it is free; the other hosting like Netlify, Vercel, or similar someday changes their mind about business growth, but Github may not, 1GB SOFTLY is too small for them to cost.
  • the speed from Github Pages Awesome than Netlify Vercel In my View.
    I- Tired of registering too many accounts and needing to remember them all; one Git to rule them all is exceptionally suited for me. (please understand the feelings of Gollum).